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Company History Profile

  RESUS began as Ponterra Real Estate Brokerage Inc. in August 19, 2016 founded by Ms. Fangfang Li. In just a few short years, the company has begun building a reputation among various developers and has received numerous awards that showcase its commitment to excellence.

  Resus Property Consultancy and Sales Associates Inc. is a Real Estate Brokerage Company duly registered with SEC that offers various services such as Project Selling, Re-Sale, Leasing, Property Management, and Title Transfer.  We offer Exclusive and Non-Exclusive marketing services to Developers and Project Owners.

  With emerging foreign demand in the Philippine Market and extensive knowledge of the local real estate industry, the company has already served hundreds of foreign and local investors and become the preferred and trusted Real Estate Brokerage.

  After making a mark in the industry for a mid to high-end market segment and seeing the demand from the industry for a team of professional service providers, teamwork is of the utmost essence in its company objectives. From a handful of people then it’s grown to a team of experts and collaborators with partners and players in the industry, then the  company decided to rebrand as RESUS to be able to compete globally and eventually become a brand name when it comes to real estate services.

Words from CEO

  Before I got started in the industry, I used to look down on people who work in real estate. I always thought that they did it because they had no other choice. I felt that they were the ones who didn’t study much in college or didn’t like working hard and as slackers, they couldn’t get into more respectable professions. I thought to myself that selling condominiums and office spaces doesn’t require any particular skill and it isn’t a reliable source of income.

In contrast, I have always been the type of person who craves stability. I followed my parents (most of the time) and looked after the family wholesale shoe business like a dutiful daughter should without question (sometimes). When I got married, I also sought them for advice on finding the right partner who would compliment my personality. I only aspired to have a stable job, a stable family, and a stable life.

Everything was fine and on the surface, I was content with how things were. However, in my heart of hearts, I felt like a bird trapped in a cage; there was a yearning inside of me to explore who I could become if I had the opportunity. The first spark of inspiration came when my husband was looking for a tenant for his old condominium unit. At the time, we were living in a modest 2 bedroom townhouse and though I was satisfied with that life, I couldn’t help but imagine the possibilities.

I was overwhelmed by what I discovered. The money came so quickly and easily as if I had been selling units for years. Perhaps it was because of my background in my mother’s store that prepared me, since both lines of work were about selling and negotiating to some degree. Later on, I discovered that what differentiated me from the others was my willingness to go the extra mile for my clients. I took it upon myself to gain their trust through diligent and honest work and it paid off in the end.

I then started to understand the industry and the people who work in it more when I joined AyalaLand Premier in 2015. I met some of the most talented, passionate, and hardest working individuals who truly care about their clients beyond the money that they could bring in. Also, I found out that a career in real estate could be a source of stability and income that no other career could provide since people will always need homes and workplaces no matter what their situation is.

As a result, I opened Ponterra Real Estate Brokerage in 2016 and worked as an international marketing partner for many of the country’s prime developers. In 2018, we changed the name of the company to Resus (since I stole ‘Ponterra’ from my husband). On the other hand, even though I exceeded sales targets, achieved financial success, and garnered the attention of most prime developers, I still felt dissatisfied at the end of the day. I want to give a positive impact to the industry , and opportunities to people. I want a platform that will help change their lives and achieve their dreams.

  It was difficult at first because I wasn’t good at translating my personal success into something that everyone could imitate. However, little by little, I realized that the key to building a well-functioning team is to build stronger personal relationships with people. In time, the business slowly moved towards its ultimate goal: to create a business opportunity platform for people to uplift their lives personally as well as professionally. In other words, I want everyone to experience the same stability that I had generated for myself.

After 6 years in sales, I can say with certainty that I was wrong about my initial impressions about the real estate industry. It has become my way of leaving a lasting impression upon the world.


  • To help people in acquiring quality real estate properties; 
  • Uplifting the lives of people worldwide by providing a platform for business opportunities; 
  • Platform for personal and professional development; and
  • Provide excellent service to clients and business partners in real estate industry.


To become the world’s leading opportunities platform for real estate.



RESUS comes from two Latin words “RES” which means PROPERTY and “SINCERUS” which means GENUINE. We prioritize the satisfaction of our clients thru our services and give them a sincere advice on the right property investments that will ensure the client best interests are served.



Ayala Land Premier’s Most Promising Property Specialist
DMCI’s Rookie of the Year
Federal Land’s Top Seller


  • Megaworld Premier Exemplary Production for the Year 2017 & 2018
  • Megaworld Premier Top 5 Broker (February to June) of the Year 2018
  • Megaworld Premier Top 3 Broker for the Year
  • Century Properties Top 1 Broker for the Year from August to December 2018
  • Vista Residences Outstanding Performance in 2018, Top Broker of the Year
  • DMCI Homes Top 2 Broker Group Third Semester
  • DMCI Homes Top 6th Place Licensed Broker of the Year
  • DMCI Rookie of the Year – Broker
  • Ayala Land Sales Contributor in 2018
  • SMDC International Sales Excellence Awardee
  • Ortigas & Company Sales Contributor in 2018


Megaworld International’s Top seller
Megaworld Premier’s Top Seller


  • Avida Top Broker in Booked Sales – South Luzon 1st Quarter 2019
  • Vista Residences Newcomer of the Year Business Partner
  • Vista Residences Top Business Partner
  • Aboitiz Top Seller of the Yea


  • Shang Properties Top 3 Broker

With Emerging foreign demand in the Philippine Market and extensive knowledge of te local real estate industry, the company has already served hundreds of foreign and local investors and become the preferred and trusted Real Estate Brokerage.

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