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How Licensed Brokers Can Help First Time Home Buyers

How Licensed Brokers Can Help First Time Home Buyers


Can you still recall any activity or milestone you did for the first time? How was the experience? Going through a few bumps and picking up lessons along the way are two of the best things you can get from doing something for the first time. This same rule applies when buying a home.


Given the options you have, locations to consider, amenities to check, and prices to compare – it can be overwhelming. Since you want to get it right, you might be cautious about every step. “The common struggles of first-time buyers include not knowing what they want, being unsure about making a purchase, and meeting an agent in person because they’re afraid to commit right away,” says Fanfang Li, chief executive officer of Resus Property Consultancy & Sales Associates, Inc.


Having second thoughts is not surprising. After all, a home is a big purchase and it’s important to process every bit of information before making a final decision. This is where a reliable licensed broker or sales agent steps in. He or she can help first-time homebuyers make informed decisions, making sure they get their money’s worth.


Not only will a licensed broker assist you in reviewing your options, they can also help ensure you get the best deal possible. Here are more ways how a licensed broker can be your homebuying partner:


They can provide all the necessary information you need to know about a property or properties


When scouting for a property, it’s easy to get lost in a ton of websites – clicking here and there just so you can compare features and prices. With the help of a broker or agent, you can view all these swiftly, and the best part is, they can give helpful inputs on which property suits your needs best.


They can be upfront about fees and charges


“First-time buyers want to know all the details related to each process. They are mostly concerned about the hidden charges and taxes involved,” explains Li. Your trusted broker can go through every step, detailing with transparency what you need to pay for and why you need to pay for it.


“They need a friendly approach rather than an intimidating one,” she adds. Honesty is one of the qualities of a reliable broker. He or she needs to be able to explain the breakdown of fees so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary charges.


You can rest easy knowing you and your hard-earned money are looked after


“One of the pitfalls of investing without a licensed broker is actually the chance to lose your money during the transaction. Misrepresentation and miscommunication can greatly affect the homebuying journey,” Li relates. To avoid this, a good agent needs to be able to answer any question as well as be able to explain it straightforwardly.


They go beyond making a sale by helping you with documents


Licensed brokers and professionals have the credentials needed to guide you in understanding the documents involved in making a real estate purchase. It’s no secret that real estate requires keeping a file and processing a ton of documents. This is something your licensed broker can help you with as he or she can process them on your behalf.


This additional service by your broker or agent makes investing in real estate much easier and debunks the common misconception that they are only concerned about collecting commissions.


They can make homebuying a positive experience


Read a couple of reviews about homebuyers who spent thousands of money only to end up with a home they didn’t want? We’re sure you don’t want the same thing happening to you. Your licensed broker can be likened to a compass that will lead you through the right, stress-free path.


As explains, “there are steps needed to ensure a smooth closing and transfer of the property.” To be able to achieve this smooth-sailing process, your trusted agent needs to be with you until the end of the line.


It’s common to have fears and worries about homebuying as it’s like starting a new chapter of your life. The good thing is, you don’t need to do it alone. A licensed broker or agent can be your guide in making sure your first foray into real estate is memorable – only because of how fulfilling and hassle-free it is.


If you’re ready to get started, we’re only an email or a phone call away. Get in touch with Resus today through email or phone call at 09178873787 . Visit to learn more.


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