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5 Reasons Why Pasig City is One of the Best Places to Live In

5 Reasons Why Pasig City is One of the Best Places to Live In


It’s no secret that living under quarantine gave us a ton of time to think – about life, our goals, and what really matters to us. In the past year or so, how many times have you wished you lived closer to the supermarket? Have you ever wondered about the difference having access to open spaces would make? If you’re currently renting your home, perhaps you’ve also thought about the importance of having your own home?


As we slowly inch our way toward the better normal, you may want to think about settling down in a place where you can thrive, start anew, and live comfortably, post-pandemic. You don’t need to look far as Pasig City is waving and waiting for you to make it your next home address.


Why Pasig? Aside from improved governance and policies in place, there’s a lot this urbanized city has to offer. Here are top five on the list:


Its location offers accessibility while bringing you closer to the rest of Metro Manila.


Whether you report to work or are the type who is often on the go, living in Pasig City lets you reach key cities around the Metro with ease. Since it shares boundaries with cities like San Juan, Quezon City, and Madaluyong, accomplishing errands can be done swiftly.


Commuting to work? The local government made sure you won’t have a difficult time given the commuting options available. Aside from PUVs, there’s also the Pasig River Ferry, electronic jeepneys, and electronic tricycles.


The government pushes for a green movement.


Now under the leadership of Mayor Vico Sotto, the local government unit makes sure green practices are followed all over the city. Pasig City didn’t just get international recognition as one of the livable cities in the world in 2013, it also takes pride in being a Green City.


It’s one of the first cities that banned the use of plastic, plus, several LGU projects give importance to caring for the environment such as having car-free roads on weekends and the maintenance of several pocket parks.


It’s a lifestyle haven.


Think malls, entertainment hubs, dining options, events, and performances – you get all these in Pasig City so you are assured of different activities to try during your downtime.


It values history and culture.


The city traces back its history to the Spanish period which residents and visitors can look back on when they visit the museums found in Pasig. The Pasig City Museum houses collections that tell the story of the city, while the Lopez Museum has a gallery and a collection of books that give a glimpse of Pasig’s colorful past.


In addition to these museums, the city is also home to old churches and well-preserved homes. It also observes festivals every year such as the Bayanihan Festival, Bambino Festival, and Araw ng Pasig, of course.


There are different housing options you can look into.


Whether you’re looking for a house, an apartment, or a condo unit, you’ll surely find a space that fits your needs in Pasig City. If you want an investment that lets you live comfortably and without worry, Arcovia City by Megaworld offers not just a safe place to live in, but a promising future as well.


Conveniently located along C5, Arcovia City is like a hub that has everything you would need to begin a new chapter of your life. It’s located near key destinations around Metro Manila including the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the Ortigas Central Business District, and the Makati Central Business District, to name a few.


The best part? It’s not all about being on the move and keeping conveniences within reach. At Arcovia City, you can also savor a serene environment, resort-inspired living, and open spaces where you can relax.


The Altea Tower at Arcovia Palazzo offers studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units you can look into. Living in this towering development gives you access not just to what Arcovia City has to offer but luxury living, too.


Want to know more? Resus Property Consultancy & Sales Associates, Inc. can help you learn more about the property and the benefits of choosing Arcovia City. Their licensed broker will guide you every step of the way – from understanding your requirements and giving you options based on your preferences, to reserving a unit and filing documents.


What are the pros of partnering with Resus? Here’s a quick overview:


  • Signing of contract to sell
  • Bank loan application assistance
  • Coordination of unit turnover
  • Leasing out or resale of the unit – should you decide to do so in the future
  • Property management – should you decide to lease out your unit


These are just some of the services you’ll get. Resus property consultants go above and beyond in making sure you have a stress-free real estate journey.



Want to get started in making Pasig City your home? Get in touch with Resus today through email or phone call at 09178873787. Visit to learn more.


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